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Baby Barrier® POOL FENCE OF MID FLORIDA we delve into a crucial topic: Child Drowning. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning stands as the leading cause of death for children aged one to four. Our mission is to impart the hard facts about this serious danger and emphasize the significance of water safety.

Unveiling the Harsh Reality

Look beyond the political discourse, and you’ll be startled to discover that a swimming pool can be up to 100 times more likely to claim a child’s life than a gun. Astonishing but true. On average, 390 children succumb to drowning each year, with a staggering 75% of victims being under five years old. Adding to the gravity of the situation, 69% of these incidents occur under parental supervision, and 46% involve children believed to be safely within their homes.

Preventing Drownings: A Multilayered Approach

The key to preventing water-related tragedies is not relying on a single safety measure. Embrace a multi-layered protection strategy to safeguard your family.

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Active Supervision
The power of active parental supervision cannot be overstated. Tragedy strikes swiftly in the water, making it imperative for adults to maintain a vigilant eye on children near water bodies.

Pool Safety Fencing
A secure pool fence is non-negotiable. At Baby Barrier® POOL FENCE OF MID FLORIDA, we advocate for an extra layer of caution when it comes to protecting children’s lives. Explore our blog for insights on selecting the right pool fence for your home.

High Locks and Alarms on Doors and Windows
Install child safety chimes and alarms on doors or windows leading to the pool area. These additions serve as a crucial alert system in case your child accesses the pool area without your knowledge.

Rescue Education: Swimming Lessons, CPR, and More
CPR training can be a lifesaver in critical situations. In the unfortunate event that other protective measures fail, understanding and being certified in CPR is a smart safety choice. Equally vital are swimming lessons – it’s never too late to acquire the skills needed to navigate the water safely.

As we celebrate the holiday season, let’s join hands to raise awareness about child drowning and promote a collective commitment to water safety. Baby Barrier® POOL FENCE OF MID FLORIDA is here to champion this cause with you.

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  • Lake County: Clermont.
  • Orange County: Hunters Creek, Dr Phillips, Windermere and Winter Garden.
  • Osceola County: Kissimmee, St Cloud, Poinciana and Celebration.
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